Greek Food

Posted by McKenzie | 16 Jul 2020

When coming into one of our McKenzie homes we encourage our residents to continue doing the things they enjoyed before they came into care.

We have dedicated Lifestyle teams in each of our homes to facilitate this.

Anastasia had always loved to cook, for both her friends and family. She wouldn’t be herself without her cooking, specialising in traditional Greek food drawn from her Greek heritage.

So when she moved into our Charlesbrook home in Templestowe (Victoria), the Lifestyle team jumped at the chance to keep her cooking.

All the residents thoroughly enjoyed the treats she would cook, with Baklava and Spanakopita being two favourites. When Anastasia offered to do monthly ‘Greek Cooking Demonstrations’ everyone was rapt.  The residents watch keenly as Anastasia goes through step by step detailing method and ingredients. Anastasia often gets assistance from one of our Greek resident’s wife, Kaye. 

For our Greek residents the process brings back wonderful memories of times with family and friends. Conversations of times gone by are started and shared amongst the residents.  Once the food is ready, it is enjoyed with traditional Greek coffee while Greek music plays in the background.

These gatherings are culturally significant to our Greek residents but are thoroughly enjoyed by all residents and looked forward to each month.