A Little Piece of Greece at Charlesbrook

Posted by McKenzie | 06 Feb 2020

When coming into care a resident’s cultural background or what they identify with is an important part in making them feel welcome and supported in their new home.

At McKenzie’s Charlesbrook home in Templestowe, a number of residents with Greek backgrounds have kindly shared their culture with fellow residents, families and staff. Greek culture is full of food, family and bringing people together. That is exactly what was experienced with the introduction of several Greek themed events. 

First up in the Greek calendar year is Greek Independence Day in March, with residents, their families and even the staff learning ‘The Zorba’ along with other beautiful Greek songs. There were so many traditional treats to share around.

In April they celebrated Greek Easter. The tradition of the Red Eggs, the red paint represents the blood of Christ and the rebirth (the egg). The eggs are dyed with the skins of Spanish Onions and everyone participated in a game of ‘cracking of the red egg’. Music, dancing and of course lots of delicious Greek food followed.

A new fortnightly tradition of the ‘Greek Social Club’ began, residents can discuss everything and anything be it Greek related or not. A perfect opportunity for new and old friendship to flourish over Greek coffee and treats.  

Charlesbrook resident, Anastasia hosts a ‘Greek Cooking Demonstration’ where residents and their families can watch traditional food being made, like Baklava, Galaktoboureko, Kataifi and Spanikopita. Then bring on the best part, tasting it! 

What a wonderful celebration of events the Greek community at Charlesbrook have shared.