Aged Care - You Can Try Before You Decide

Posted by McKenzie | 18 Sep 2017

Perhaps you’ve been thinking: “If only you could try an aged care facility to see if it’s right before you make the big move”.

You know what though? You can. At McKenzie Aged Care we call it respite.

Families who are caring for an older loved one use McKenzie’s respite when they need a break. But, more and more, respite is being used to test the waters, check out an aged care community, a kind of try before you buy, if you like. And the benefits are many.

By using respite first, people are already in familiar surrounds when they make the eventual move to permanent aged care. They know their way around the McKenzie residence, the activities being offered and even meal times.

Often, they have already started to make friends at the McKenzie Aged Care community. They know staff by name as well and vice versa, all of which makes for a faster settling-in period.

Families also can be sure that a loved one is in a place where they will be happy. They have already seen them enjoying their time here.

In fact, at McKenzie, people who come for respite often end up wanting to live here. So, we now offer extra savings to those who switch over.

Very simply, a percentage of what you spend on respite will come off the cost if you make the arrangement permanent. We can even organise for an Aged Care Assessment to be carried out while your loved one is here for respite, to make the process even easier.

At McKenzie, the care that only a family can give is available to everyone.  That’s because we offer affordable options.  We will also explain how to see if you qualify for Government assistance. Call us on 1300 899 222 to book our respite services, with a view to moving in permanently and more quickly feeling at home.