Being family owned makes for a good change

Posted by McKenzie | 08 Feb 2018

It may have been happening slowly, over time. Or perhaps it’s been triggered by a recent fall or other mishap.

Either way you’re coming to the realisation that changes need to be made with regard to the care of Mum, Dad or another loved one.

Change can be daunting. It’s a challenge when we’re young and even more so, for those who are older but it really doesn’t have to feel unsettling - not for them or you.

At McKenzie Aged Care we are family-owned.
Of course, this means that we’re very good at making our Aged Care Communities feel like home, but it’s so much more. From the moment you contact us, we completely understand that this is a big decision for you. So, we’re here to listen, guide you and put your mind at ease.

Just tell us what you want.
Perhaps you want aged care to be close to one family member, another, or some place in between? Maybe location is secondary and you just want to be sure that your loved one will have the very best care, now and in the future? That’s the beauty of McKenzie having 16 communities. Not only are we convenient, all our communities offer a wide range of aged care services. So it’s nice to know that if your needs should change in the future, you can continue receiving excellent, specialist care.

We’ll also cover everything you need to know.
It doesn’t matter that you’ve never done this before. That’s why we’re here. We know the process, how to claim your every entitlement and can help you complete the paperwork. And no, you won’t lose your inheritance.

We can make the transition easier.
Many families opt for our respite care. It may be for a week at first just to give the carer a break. Or following surgery, for example. Whatever the reason, we find that residents who first come for respite, enjoy their stay, make friends and then settle very quickly when they are ready to move here permanently.

Let’s start the conversation today.
Families often hold off talking about aged care or respite until the need has become critical. You don’t have to wait. Just call 1300 899 222, book a tour and come in for a chat. Then we can answer your questions and you’ll feel more than comfortable with your decision when the time comes