Heritage Lodge Knits for Nature

Posted by McKenzie | 22 Nov 2019

Heritage Lodge Residents have been busy knitting to support this very cute cause.

Our hearts are exploding with cuteness! Yes you are looking at little penguins wearing hand knitted jumpers and we are so proud to share that it is our Heritage Lodge Residents who have been very busy knitting them.

We know what you are thinking, why do penguins need jumpers when they live in the coldest climates of the world? Sadly the answer is oil spills, which have been impacting Phillip Island and its resident penguins. When the penguins are found covered in oil, their first instinct is to preen their feathers with their beaks, this means them ingesting oil which can be fatal. This is where the jumpers come in.

As soon as the penguins are rescued they are fitted with one of the gorgeous (preferably wool for breathability) jumpers and then have protection from preening their feathers until they can be washed and rehabilitated at the Phillip Island Wildlife Clinic.

One of our Heritage Residents became aware of the project and started knitting, then two residents, three and soon their were many eager to donate to the cause. Heritage to the rescue! 

The staff at Heritage Lodge assisted with printing the pattern for the residents to follow. This ensures the jumpers are the exact fit. The staff soon became involved in the knitting alongside the residents and as you can see, the sky is the limit with the creativity.
The first delivery has been sent and the residents and staff are eager to continue supporting this sweet and very important cause. If you would like to get involved you can visit https://penguinfoundation.org.au/what-s-new/knits-for-nature/ for more information.