Remembrance Day

Posted by McKenzie | 14 Nov 2014

McKenzie communities take time to reflect.

Remembrance Day image

The 11th of November 2014 marked the 96th anniversary of the end of the First World War (1914–18). On this day, the staff, residents and their families gathered across each of our facilities to observe Remembrance Day’s one minute of silence. Together, we paused to remember those who died and suffered in all wars and armed conflicts throughout Australian history.

Remembrance Day is a particularly meaningful time for our residents, many of whom were involved in Australia’s wars, either in fighting themselves or experiencing the hardships of war in waiting for loved ones to return.

Lynne McLay, Activities Officer at Sutton Park in Victoria, highlights the significance of the day in the annual calendar of events. 

“For some time preceding the day, we hear exceptionally moving wartime stories. Remembrance Day stirs tales of near misses and tragic outcomes, but often our residents talk about the good times and not the bad. Stories of their resilience through the hard times never fail to amaze us,” she said.

The Sutton Park service was held in the newly constructed multi-faith chapel, and was by all accounts a very moving experience.

“Remembrance Day holds special meaning to each of our residents and it’s important for us to ensure that each individual is given the opportunity to contemplate this period of their lives in their own way.”

This year the highly skilled Sutton Park craft group, led by Monica Hallinan, spent a month creating lasting memories; crocheting, buttoning, stitching and knitting poppies to contribute to a beautiful display.

“It’s always a pleasure to be able to spend time with our residents in honouring the memories of their family and friends as we come together on this very special day,” said Lynne.