Respite at McKenzie Aged Care, a family’s experience

Posted by McKenzie | 27 Jun 2018

McKenzie respite is here to support you and your loved one.

At McKenzie Aged Care we understand how important it is to choose the right aged care home for respite care for  your loved one. Respite care is an excellent option for those considering aged care to get a feel for a residence in the event that full time care might be required down the track. It also provides full time carers with a well-deserved break, when they can be assured their loved one is happy and in safe hands.


We asked one family member, Sarah, how she came to the decision to choose McKenzie Aged Care respite for her mother. She explained that she had heard about McKenzie through her mother’s friend who was in permanent care at McKenzie. By visiting this resident, and getting to know the staff, she saw first hand the genuine friendliness, understanding and warm approach that McKenzie is renowned for.


“The open door policy was very important in our decision,” Sarah said. This ensures friends and family are always welcome, allowing them to be close to the people they love and also providing transparency of the care the residents receive.


Sarah expressed that the decision to put a loved one temporarily in the care of others and choosing the best place was an emotional one. Most people have a checklist of wishes that they would like to be fulfilled. For Sarah, aside from the location, good food and lifestyle activities, it was knowing that her mum was satisfied and receiving high quality care. “Knowing that mum feels safe, secure and happy in the environment” was integral to her decision, she said.


Sarah and her mum’s experience with McKenzie were very positive. Their initial worries were relieved and it was a rewarding decision. Asked if Sarah would consider a McKenzie facility for permanent care for her mum, or recommend McKenzie Aged Care to friends, it was a definite yes.


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