Welcome to Glasshouse Views (Beerwah)


  • Glasshouse Views holds the highest rating for Quality Care by the independent Australian Government Quality Commission

  • Glasshouse Views holds the maximum three year Accreditation by the independent Australian Government Quality Commission

  • Glasshouse Views offers high quality Dining through our nutritionally-approved Seasonal Menu

  • We offer choice of additional items on a voluntary basis with no compulsory charges

  • Glasshouse Views is a part of the Family-owned McKenzie Aged Care Group, caring for 1700 senior Australians, employing 2,400 staff members and generating $35m in taxes.



Live Your Life with our Care 


Glasshouse Views provides the highest quality care in aged care. Independently assessed by the Australian Government’s Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (ACQSC), Glasshouse Views is where our resident’s come first in both quality of care, and choice.
We encourage you to view the Government’s Accreditation Assessment that was conducted by the independent ACQSC, to learn more about the high quality of care Glasshouse Views delivers to our residents. McKenzie Aged Care is 100% transparent with our assessments and reports, because we want you to make the best-informed decisions for yourself or loved ones when it comes to quality of care and choice.

Your community

Our picturesque surrounds and country heritage are at the heart of our much-loved aged care community. Our multi-award-winning residence is a lively part of Beerwah’s township, with everyone on our team part of the local fabric. Together with the spectacular Glasshouse Mountains and coastal hinterland surrounds, our location and people make Glasshouse Views a very special place to be.


96 Peachester Rd,
Beerwah Qld

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