Michael Powell

Partner / Non Executive Director

Michael plays a lead role in site identification, planning, design, licensing and commissioning of new assisted living facilities for McKenzie.

Since joining McKenzie in 2001, his focus has been on identifying suitable ‘greenfield’ sites that are appropriate for assisted living facilities and which have an inherent value in being developed from a community perspective. Michael uses his experience to get the best solutions from architects, engineers and builders.

Prior to joining McKenzie, Michael possessed broad industry knowledge, with experience gained from more than 10 years within the building and construction side of the assisted living sector. He applies his expertise to ensure optimal designs and construction techniques, utilising innovative technologies and building materials to ensure efficient and cost effective outcomes on all projects.

With extensive project and people management experience, Michael is well equipped in coordinating design teams, consisting of architects, town planners, engineers and builders, ensuring that the team develops buildable solutions that offer beautiful, yet functional, assisted living accommodation for our residents.

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