Carers Take Good Care

Posted by McKenzie | 29 Jan 2018

It’s true. To properly look after someone, you first have to take good care of yourself.

And that doesn’t just mean having someone come in who can help with bathing or assist with other tasks. While support in the home does give carers a little relief, it doesn’t replace the need to take a proper break.

Caring for a family member does have so many rewards. No one is denying that. But reports in recent years have also highlighted the challenges.

Broken sleep, being housebound, things like lifting and even the repetition of doing the same thing every day can and will take its toll. Carers often suffer from fatigue, bad backs, anxiety and other chronic health conditions. This is why every carer should factor in respite as part of the regime.

Whether it’s a week or two here, or ten days there, regular respite is essential and, at McKenzie Aged Care, we are here to help you with that.

Up until recent times, most carers believed that no one else could do what they do, as well as they do it. But family-owned McKenzie is becoming very popular for short term stays. Because people who use our respite know we will care for their loved ones as if they are our own.

This of course means keeping to routines, everything from the time they like to have breakfast to making sure they take all their pills.  It is about knowing what they like to do and letting them still enjoy these things. Our staff will also know your loved one by name and stop for a chat, many times a day.

Everyone who comes to stay with us will even make friends and lots of them. So respite is not just about care but companionship as well.

Just speak to McKenzie Aged Care on 1300 899 222 about your respite needs and take ask us if you qualify for funding. This way you can take that regular break, to well and truly relax, whenever you feel the need.