Flo Flemming: A Smashing Girl

Posted by McKenzie | 11 Jun 2015

Ninety-one year old Flo grew up in a small English mining town. One of four children, she has fond memories of playing with her siblings in the street during the brief English summers.

When she met her husband, a Scotsman, they both knew it was love. She lights up as she remembers being told about how he went home to his family that night and declared, “I’ve just met this smashing young girl.”

They had three wonderful children together, who all moved to Australia as adults.

A few years ago Flo and her husband decided to join them and moved to the Melbourne suburb of Dandenong, which they loved. After her husband’s passing, Flo moved into Sutton Park in Melton South, looking for a good balance of socialising and independence and to be close to one of her daughters who lives in Melton.

“I like meeting the ladies for tea each morning” said Flo.

“The people here are lovely and friendly. It’s nice to chat to everyone.”

Australian life is very different to England, says Flo, but she likes the mild Australian weather and doesn’t miss the English chill one bit.

Never one to make a fuss, nowadays Flo enjoys the independent lifestyle she leads at Sutton Park. “I like the open air and sunshine, and being able to do whatever I like.”

Her advice to young people today is to take life as it comes. Don’t expect too much from things, but also don’t worry too much.

Flo is expecting her very first great-grand child soon and can’t wait to meet him...or her! Here’s to our smashing-soon-to-be great grandmother Flo.