The Ashley’s Very Own Weatherman

Posted by McKenzie | 25 Jul 2020

How one residents lifelong passion continues in care.

Ray, a resident at The Ashley in Reservoir, Victoria, has been a farmer his whole life, whether it was tending to his Corriedale Sheep or looking after the 5000 pigs at his piggery, Ray is at home on the land. Ray grew his own crops, grain to sell and hay to feed his stock. Ray took the planting of his crops very seriously and knew that planting when there would be rainfall was the key.  On the farm, he had a rain gauge, he would keep a daily diary of temperatures and the amount of rainfall at the difference times of the year, every year and this helped forward plan his crop rotations. This is where Ray’s keen interest in the weather came from.

Now happily retired Ray still checks the weather daily to update his fellow residents and the staff at The Ashley, he enjoys the status and title of resident ‘Weatherman’. Ray enjoys the benefits of modern technology these days and has a weather station installed outside his room, the weather station provides the data on rainfall, wind pressure, humidity, barometric pressure, moon phases and solar radiation and sends it directly to a screen in Ray’s room for him to record in his notebook. This knowledge also lets him know whether he needs to water his raised garden bed after breakfast.

The weather station gives Ray purpose, it is a way for him to revisit something that was a huge part of his everyday life for decades and give him the satisfaction of being able to then share this information with others.