Friendships are made at McKenzie.

Posted by McKenzie | 15 Dec 2017

This is a time of life when you want to have people around you, to make friends and even enjoy favourite pastimes.

The family is now raised, work days are well behind you, and you no longer have all those household chores that used to keep you so busy. These days, your time is very much your own – to do as you please. This is why social activities play a big part at our McKenzie Aged Care Communities.

People become good friends here at McKenzie. If you don’t come from the same area, then you have shared life experiences or a love of similar music, movies or hobbies. You can also learn an activity or two, because when you are with people who make you feel comfortable, it does wonders for your confidence.

At McKenzie we see it every day. Residents who initially keep to themselves are, within weeks, on first name basis with other residents. People who have eaten alone, sometimes for many years, are now sharing mealtimes, often with a glass of beer or wine. In no time at all, people are waving, smiling and having a joke.

Of course, those who want some quiet time always have their own beautiful room, the garden or even smaller spaces like our library, where they can read or do a crossword, knowing that there are people around if they feel like some company.

At McKenzie we say we provide care as only a family can give. But we also know that having friends is really important as well. You only have to look at our residents to see that.