Pen Pals

Posted by McKenzie | 25 Jun 2020

At some stage of our lives, we have all felt the joy of receiving a letter in the mail.

For our Sutton Park residents, they got to experience that excitement again thanks to the Woodlea community in Victoria launching their ‘Senior Pen Pal’ program, alongside Woodlea Early Education.

When our Lifestyle Coordinator Deb was contacted by a representative of Woodlea requesting to write letters to our residents, she jumped at the chance to be part of such a great initiative “with the new program, our residents will not only feel connected during these uncertain times but will also strengthen intergenerational relationships where younger members of the community will learn so much from the older generation”. Deb was very aware that our resident’s mental health was a huge priority during this time and implementing this program would only be beneficial.

The Woodlea Early Learning Education were delighted to get involved having the children draw pictures for our residents, reinforcing the values of empathy and community that they have in their teaching programs. Residents in turn picked up a pen and pulled out stationary sets to return the favour.

Woodlea assured us of their process to keep our residents safe – By opting for ‘zero contact’ delivery through scanning letters to then be printed at our home by our staff.

Implementing this program has become so invaluable to our residents and we’re grateful to be part of this fantastic community initiative.