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Special moments shared at McKenzie

Catch up on the latest news and activities at our McKenzie communities, and get some great health and lifestyle tips too. 

Heritage Lodge Knits for Nature

Posted by McKenzie | 22 Nov 2019

Heritage Lodge Residents have been busy knitting to support this very cute cause.

Bribie Orchids On Show

Posted by McKenzie | 28 Oct 2019

McKenzie Aged Care recently sponsored the latest Orchid Show on Bribie Island and what an amazing sight to behold!

Bribie Cove Retirement Village on Show!

Posted by McKenzie | 04 Sep 2019

Bribie Cove Retirement Village opened its doors to the community and welcomed visitors for a sneak peek tour of the villa and surrounding retirement village.

There is a first time for everything for Buderim Residents

Posted by McKenzie | 09 Jul 2019

On Tuesday 18th June, Buderim Views Aged Care visited the Skyline Ferris Wheel at Happy Valley.

McKenzie Aged Care Pet Therapy

Posted by McKenzie | 17 May 2019

We have all felt the instant happiness when being greeted by our furry friends. Pets not only offer companionship but they have the ability to boost mental health and well-being.

A family's story of Respite care at McKenzie

Posted by McKenzie | 31 Aug 2018

First impressions are important, especially when it comes to choosing an aged care residence for a loved one. They provide an insight into how an aged care home operates and encourage further enquiry.

Seabrook Aged Care - Our Stunning Refurbishment is Complete

Posted by McKenzie | 09 Aug 2018

Our home is even more beautiful than before

Respite at McKenzie Aged Care, a family's experience

Posted by McKenzie | 27 Jun 2018

McKenzie respite is here to support you and your loved one.

Seabrook Refurbishment Sneak Peek

Posted by McKenzie | 20 Jun 2018

Take a look at what we have done so far!

Volunteering at McKenzie Aged Care

Posted by McKenzie | 23 Apr 2018

Volunteering is a great way to connect with residents and the community

Glasshouse Views Aged Care - Beautiful surrounds inside and out!

Posted by McKenzie | 12 Apr 2018

Even more beautiful and special than before.

Being family owned makes for a good change

Posted by McKenzie | 08 Feb 2018

It may have been happening slowly, over time. Or perhaps it’s been triggered by a recent fall or other mishap.

Carers Take Good Care

Posted by McKenzie | 29 Jan 2018

It’s true. To properly look after someone, you first have to take good care of yourself.

Friendships are made at McKenzie.

Posted by McKenzie | 15 Dec 2017

This is a time of life when you want to have people around you, to make friends and even enjoy favourite pastimes.

Where aged care and friendships go hand in hand

Posted by McKenzie | 23 Oct 2017

Understanding the individual needs of each and every resident is extremely important to us.

Aged Care - Made Easy and Affordable

Posted by McKenzie | 05 Sep 2017

Aged Care - Made Easy and Affordable

Our newest family member now has a name - Introducing Seaton Place

Posted by McKenzie | 30 Nov 2016

Seaton Place

Sharing love stories

Posted by McKenzie | 26 Feb 2015

There were some lovely Valentine's Day celebrations at McKenzie residences this month with residents and staff enjoying high teas, concerts, sing alongs and more.

Physio's Advice

Posted by Jason Szczepanski | 13 Jan 2014

Healthy and physically active people enjoy a better life in their later years. They are able to maintain higher levels of independence and have overall increased levels of wellbeing.

Keith's Christmas Column

Posted by Keith Cameron-Smith | 02 Jan 2014

Keith urges us to live the spirit of Christmas every day.

Sharing creativity

Posted by McKenzie | 28 Oct 2013

As well as a busy schedule of regular activities, all McKenzie facilities hold special events from time to time for residents to share with family and friends.

Flexible Living Arrangements

Posted by Shelby Hutchison | 14 Jun 2013

Moving home is difficult for everyone regardless of age and it can be especially challenging as we get older.

Activities Accessible for Everyone

Posted by Shelby Hutchison | 06 Jun 2013

For people with limited mobility and advanced age, getting out and about in their local area can be quite difficult and affects their ability to fully participate in the community.

Exercise Keeps Local Aged Care Residents Young at Heart

Posted by Shelby Hutchison | 11 Apr 2013

All McKenzie facilities have always encouraged a great range of exercise and activities for all residents to encourage and improve health and wellbeing.