Career Opportunities

People sometimes ask us about the types of jobs available in the world of aged care and retirement. The answer is that our industry offers a diverse range of opportunities across the different job categories.

Roles at McKenzie typically fall into one of five job categories, namely:

  • Nursing and care
  • Hotel and maintenance services
  • Administration and corporate support services
  • Lifestyle
  • Management

Following is a description of each category and examples of the types of roles that fall within them.

McKenzie aged care

Nursing and care

As a nurse or carer at McKenzie, you'll make a real difference to people's lives in big and small ways - and we'll support you all the way. Providing direct care to residents, you’ll have a vital and varied role. In the process, you'll develop long-term rewarding relationships and perform important family liaison work. Great career progression exists, from Personal Care Assistant all the way through to management. We actively encourage you to undertake relevant up-skilling qualifications. There is also a graduate nurse transition year available for Bachelor of Nursing graduates.

Who you are 

Relationship builder, good listener, proactive problem solver, caring, empathetic, team player, customer service focused.

What you can do at McKenzie


  • Facility Manager
  • Clinical Care Manager
  • Registered Nurse Supervisor
  • Registered Nurse
  • Enrolled Nurse
  • Assistant in Nursing/Personal Care Attendant

Hotel and maintenance services

If you’re meticulous, have a passion for quality and an eye for detail, you’re the sort of person we want in hotel and maintenance services at McKenzie. Our beautiful surroundings and accommodation must always be presented at their best, so our residents receive the highest quality care. Hotel and maintenance employees help provide a safe, secure and pleasurable environment for residents, which adds to their wellbeing. You can learn new skills. Our employees are fully-supported to undertake commercial cookery and hospitality qualifications.

Who you are 
Take pride in your work, strive for extra attention to detail, customer service focused, like people, organised, team player.

What you can do at McKenzie


  • Support Services Assistant – Cleaning and Laundry
  • Food Services Assistant
  • Chef Assistant
  • Chef
  • Chef Manager
  • Maintenance Officer

Administration and corporate
support services

Administration covers all of the important front-of-house and behind-the-scenes roles that keep things running smoothly. Whether you are front-of-house supporting families, guests and residents or managing important office systems, you're the sort of person who enjoys working as a team to get things done. Our administration people really are the engine that keeps us going! These roles also provide a great opportunity to contribute ideas as to how we can continually improve the way we do things.

Who you are
Efficient, team player, detailed, results driven, people-focused.

What you can do at McKenzie

  • Receptionists
  • Roster Coordinator
  • ACFI Coordinator
  • Payroll Officer
  • Account Clerks
  • Accountant
  • Better Health Facilitators
  • Quality Officers
  • And much more!


The lifestyle team plays a vital role in making our residents' daily experience an enriching one. Their work helps us achieve our mission of promoting health, independence and social interaction among residents. You’ll never be bored. Whether it’s organising visiting performers or discovering new and interesting activities for residents, your role is all about helping people smile, be active and engaged. It’s an exceptionally positive and rewarding role! McKenzie has won several Best Practice Awards for some of our initiatives in this area. It’s pretty simple – active, stimulated residents are happy residents.

Who you are
A people person, enthusiastic, motivating, proactive and dynamic.

What you can do at McKenzie

  • Lifestyle Assistant
  • Diversional Therapist
  • Lifestyle Coordinator


We're always on the lookout for great leaders. Even though we have a strong policy of promoting from within, we also believe it's important to bring in new perspectives to enrich our great team. Your past achievements are important to us, but your future ambitions and aspirations matter most. We’re interested in managers from entry-level upward – the main thing you must possess is great people skills. For us, great managers are those who encourage, support and reward their teams, promote professional development and help people contribute to our positive and caring workplace culture.

Who you are 
Focused on detail and the big picture, lateral thinker, a mentor and motivator, collaborative, results driven, people focused.

What you can do at McKenzie

  • Group and Regional Operational Managers
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Finance Manager
  • Human Resources Business Partner
  • ITC Manager
  • Group Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Marketing Manager
  • Quality Manager
  • ACFI Manager
  • And much more!