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We understand the importance of our people, and provide a highly supportive work environment, where every staff member is considered part of our ‘extended family’.

After all, compassionate and respectful care to our residents can only come from being equally committed to our team – recognising the amazing work they do, and inspiring them to develop and grow. Rewarding work, in a rewarding environment, equals happy people.

We truly value the contribution of each staff member and encourage staff to explore the various aged care disciplines, as part of their career path

Learning and development opportunities

McKenzie is a significant employer in the aged care and retirement sector, and we believe that is vital to provide a comprehensive set of learning and development opportunities for our staff, whether it’s on-the-job training or further education.

We have a specialised team dedicated to identifying professional development needs and making available courses, programs and opportunities for employees to further enhance their skills. We currently work in partnership with TAFE NSW to develop the Student EEN and Chef training opportunities.

We have also developed and implemented the following programs:

  • The AIN traineeship program with the Royal College of Health Care. Applications are invited from untrained people to undertake a Certificate 3 in Aged Care traineeship. They receive paid work and training on the job.
  • A Graduate Registered Nurse program. Newly graduated RNs are employed by various residences for a period of 12 months. Graduates are given a supportive environment in which to develop their clinical skills, and move from student to competent clinical nurse.
  • A series of workshops to provide RNs and EENs with a formal understanding of mentoring and preceptorship. This was to prepare the senior staff for the enhanced role required of them in supporting new graduates.
  • We are currently rolling out a RN Professional Development Program. This will help RNs to access the various training and education programs that   allow them to complete their professional requirement of attending a minimum 20 hours of study each year, in order to meet their registration needs.
  • We have also partnered with a Registered Training Organisation to provide selected staff with Frontline Management training and others with a Certificate 4, Leisure and Health.
  • A Graduate Nurse program, in partnership with the Department of Health and Ageing. This is designed to improve the recruitment of Registered Nurses in the aged care sector.

Here’s what our staff say about McKenzie

Amanda Dwyer

Reception Administration Support

“It’s beautiful working at McKenzie’s, the friendliness, the openness, the great staff, the humour and the fun that we have every day… It’s just an amazing place to work.”

Keith Cameron-Smith

Resident Support Officer

“Being a family-owned business, family values are something we take very seriously.”

Gina Crane

Registered Nurse

“What attracted me to McKenzie Aged Care nursing was the feel of the place… Staff were smiling... Residents were smiling and happy... I knew then that it had the heart I was looking for”

Wendy Pankhurst

Quality Co-Ordinator

“I’m lucky in my role in that I can be so dynamic and work across all facilities with their management teams”

Julie Murphy

Director Of Nursing

“What I love about the McKenzie family is that they care – they deeply care.”

Nadia Loades

Hotel Services

“Flexibility is important to me as music is also a passion of mine. It allows me to have both my jobs in music and also aged care,”

Gary Lucas

Enrolled Nurse

“I was thinking of changing careers and a friend suggested I should try aged care and that I’d really enjoy it. I’ve done that, and I love it.”

Meet the McKenzie team: video profiles