Volunteer however you wish

Everyone who volunteers at McKenzie Aged Care brings something very special to our family.

Maybe you are a good listener. Perhaps you have a bubbly personality. Or you may simply be someone who wants to spend an hour here or there, a morning, an afternoon, or even just drop in occasionally, knowing that you are making a huge difference to others. 

Often people think that volunteers need to sing, play an instrument, be good at arts and crafts, gardening or other pastimes. Of course, some of our volunteers do share their hobbies. But like most you can also just give us a little of your time to read a newspaper to a resident, take part in an activity or asset in the office. It’s entirely up to you and we welcome your help. 

To join our volunteers and make many new friends, enquire at the reception of your nearest McKenzie residence or ask the Activities and Lifestyle team.

What our volunteers say

Anne Southern

"Helping people in their everyday activities and seeing the joy it brings to them makes it all wothwhile."


Volunteering 7 1/2 years

"I pamper these beautiful people by giving them a hand massage. It really makes my week."


University Student

"I really enjoy coming down here to help people with their iPads."


Here Monday mornings

"I'm a volunteer for the Senior's bus trips. You become fond of the people. It's rewarding."


Young professional

"Even though I'm working full time. I still love to pop in and see the gentlemen. I really love their stories."


Wife of resident

"The girls wanted someone to work in the shop and I volunteered. We have some interesting conversations."