Updated 15 November: Due to COVID-19 directives applied by State governments in QLD, NSW & VIC, McKenzie Aged Care homes are experiencing different visitation rules. Click the button to read more.

Edith’s 18 years of volunteering in Melton

11th August 2021

Volunteers have always been an important part of our family at McKenzie Aged Care. Their contribution to the daily lives of our residents is invaluable. So, when we heard that Edith spent an astonishing 18 years volunteering in the Melton community before becoming a resident at Sutton Park, we were honoured to welcome her into our home.

She spent a lot of her years as the friendly face welcoming you through the door at the Melton visitor information centre; she says she loved her time there.

In 2011 she received an ‘Above & Beyond’ award for her outstanding dedication to the community. The award was presented by the Prime Minister at the time, Julia Gillard. Edith is very proud of this moment in her life.

In 2012, she also received the ‘Citizen of the Year’ award for her community achievement.

We are lucky Edith chose Sutton Park as her home, “I love being here, and there is so much to do. You’re never lonely”.

Edith continues to be a very caring person among our residents. As part of our knitting club, she still enjoys giving back “we give the blankets to residents, which they love.”

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