Protecting residents against influenza

20th May 2020

As of May 1st, the Australian Government has given the direction that anyone entering an Aged Care facility must have a 2020 Influenza Vaccination.

At McKenzie, we take our duty of care very seriously. Even if you are fit and healthy, influenza is an unpleasant illness, but for our frail elderly residents it can cause severe, potentially fatal complications. We know that some of our visitors have never had the influenza vaccination, and would prefer not to. However, one of the most effective ways to protect our residents is by ensuring that everyone in their environment is immunised with a current influenza vaccine.

We would like to remind everyone again of the new directions regarding influenza vaccinations and residential aged care. The requirement to have an up to date flu vaccine from May 1st 2020 is a Government directive to protect all of Australia’s residential aged care residents. As such we have to comply, as per the COVID-19 state public health directions below;

The directions mean that you must have an up to date (2020) vaccination to visit our facilities. The Flu Vaccine is in high demand, and it is recommended you arrange your flu vaccination as soon as you can.

You can be vaccinated at your GP or one of the many other providers (the vaccination is free for over 65s). We ask that you please keep a copy of your proof of vaccination as we will be asking all visitors to show evidence when they enter a facility. Appropriate evidence may be a statement or record from a health practitioner; or an immunisation history statement available from Medicare online (we suggest taking a clear photo on your phone, so you will always have it with you).

This is a State Health Directive obligation and we are prohibited from allowing any person without evidence of a vaccination (or of a State Health exemption from the requirement) to enter.

Some jurisdiction’s directions allow for some exemptions to the entry restrictions. Please check appropriate state legislation for details, included is a fact sheet with more details.

We thank you for supporting McKenzie Aged Care in protecting our residents.

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