Dedicated professionals

As with all McKenzie residences, at The Ormsby, our people are carefully selected from highly skilled and qualified professionals. Much more than credentials, our people must also have dedication. It’s this love for what they do that enriches the lives of residents. Whether it’s through their genuine warmth, easy conversation or their healthy sense of humour and readiness to make things fun, our staff very much enhance the family feeling.

Right from the start our very understanding Sales Manager will be there to answer your every question about moving in and beyond. We also work in consultation with the family doctor or other health professionals to ensure an individual care plan is in place from day one.

The support of a family

At McKenzie, family is at the heart of everything we do, from finding the right staff to the services we provide. For our residents and their families this means secure, welcoming places where everyone feels cared for and supported.

Whatever level of care is needed now and in the future, rest assured it will be provided. So residents can continue to stay here at The Ormsby where they feel most comfortable, in familiar surroundings.

At McKenzie Aged Care we treat everyone with respect and dignity to ensure their individual needs, goals and preferences are at the centre of everything we do. We value each person’s identity, culture and diversity and support them to maintain that identity, exercise choice and independence, and live the life they choose.