Respite Care (short-term aged care)

When loved ones and carers need some extra support

About Respite Care

Looking after an elderly family member can be hard work. So if you need a break, talk to McKenzie about short-term aged care (also known as Respite Care). We’ll take special care of your loved one in a safe, friendly environment, while you take a well-earned break.

What is Respite Care?

Respite Care is supported, short-term accommodation in a secure residence, supported by specialist nursing care. It provides an opportunity for carers of older or unwell people to take a break for a few weeks at a time. Respite is also available for when an older person is simply unwell or needs extra care that friends or relatives can't provide – while recuperating from an illness or hospital stay for example.

Why we offer Respite Care

Our Respite Care provides a safe and friendly place for your loved one to be well looked after, for a few weeks at a time, so they can get the care they need, and you can take a break for a holiday, socialising or just to attend to day-to-day tasks like shopping and banking.

Where do we offer Respite Care?

We offer dedicated Respite Care facilities within most of our residential aged care locations (see link to your nearest location on this page). Our residences are comfortable, secure, stylish and situated within beautiful garden settings.

What do we provide during Respite Care?

Respite should be as enjoyable as possible for all involved. We provide our respite accommodation and care within happy and supportive communities that offer:

  • Modern facilities and technology
  • Nutritious meals (with plenty of variety)
  • Organised activities, appropriate exercise and entertainment
  • Qualified nursing staff on-site 24-hours-a-day

We’ll do everything we can to meet your loved one's regular home routine, and we warmly welcome visitors, including friends and grandchildren.

Accessing Respite Care: what you need to know

  • An assessment by an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) is required. This helps to determine the most appropriate level of care and identify the residences that can best meet your loved one's needs. A doctor, caregiver or family members can make a referral to an ACAT.
  • Respite Care is a short-term care option. The holder of an ACAT assessment is entitled to 63 days of Respite Care per financial year at any Commonwealth-funded residential aged care facility. Extensions may be granted.
  • We're here to help with the application process. Once you have decided to proceed with Respite Care with us, we will discuss all of your needs and requirements, including agreed dates, and put together a Respite Agreement. We can also help you with application forms and any questions you may have.

Government funding assistance is available

Current holders of a Department of Veteran Affairs card can apply to the Department for up to 28 days of funding per financial year, to help cover the cost of Respite Care. In most States of Australia, the Commonwealth Care Respite Centre may, with prior approval, also help contribute to the daily cost of Respite Care. To find your nearest centre, please visit the Commonwealth Respite and Carelink Centre website.

For more information on Respite Care please download our brochure
or call us on 1300 899 222.

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