Want to know what our staff are like?

These video profiles take you straight to the source… 

  • Julie Wolsey

    Lifestyle Co-Ordinator

    Julie plays a key role in planning, implementing and evaluating activities for our residents.

  • Luke Shaw

    Head Chef

    Overseeing a changing menu of more than 750 meals a day, Luke’s role is fast-paced, challenging and very rewarding.

  • Amanda Dwyer


    Bright, bubbly and always smiling, Amanda has been supporting staff, residents and their families for more than five years.

  • Gary Lucas

    Enrolled Nurse

    Starting in the McKenzie kitchen, Gary was awarded a scholarship to study for a nursing diploma and is now fully qualified.

  • Julie Murphy

    Former Director of Nursing

    Managing 150 staff is all in a day’s work for Julie. Supportive and inspiring, she is adored by staff, residents and families.

  • Sue McCalman

    Assistant In Nursing

    A key part of our lifestyle team, Sue is currently completing her Lifestyle Certificate qualification with the support of McKenzie.

  • Nadia Loades

    Hotel Services

    Currently working as both a Diversional Therapist and cleaner, Nadia enjoys the flexibility that working at McKenzie can offer.

  • Wendy Pankhurst

    Quality Co-Ordinator

    Wendy, who’s been at McKenzie for more than 10 years, works right across the business in areas such as risk analysis and auditing.

  • Keith Cameron Smith

    Resident Support Officer

    Keith is renowned for his prowess on the piano and his ability to connect with residents through music and entertainment.

  • Gina Crane

    Registered Nurse

    Bringing 30 years of industry experience, Gina has a special interest in innovative wound care that assists the healing process of our residents.