Basketball keeps Bribie balanced

Posted by McKenzie | 18 Sep 2015

Factors that come with age such as chronic health conditions, vision impairments, muscle weakness and illnesses can affect balance and increase the risk of falling.

Basketball keeps Bribie balanced image

A fall can result in an injury or a fear of falling again, avoidance of daily activities and social isolation.

Luckily our wonderful staff understand the issues associated with falls and give residents access to activities which improve their balance and reduce their risk of falling.

Bribie Cove’s staff have taken a novel approach to this and have included a basketball activity within their exercise program.

Mrs Freeman said the shooting hoops activity had brought out a slightly stubborn streak in some residents!

“They’re pretty determined,” she said.

“If they miss the net they like to keep going ‘til they get the ball in.”

Residents and staff at Bribie Cove also enjoyed the residences exercise to music sessions, according to Mrs Freeman, who said she enjoyed playing the music of Dr Hook & the Medicine Show.

Mrs Freeman said not all residents enjoyed the eye patched singer's songs however all residents had one thing in common in regards to their musical tastes.

“The residents like boppy music,” she said.

Mrs Freeman said each balance class was a social exercise as well as a physical one.

“Before it starts I enjoy having a chat with the residents and it's a great chance for everyone to catch up,” she said.