The Ashley’s Music on Demand

Posted by McKenzie | 20 Jan 2021

The team at The Ashley have been busy raising funds for their very own Jukebox so the music never stops.

Music is a huge part of the entertainment provided across all our homes. Our residents love joining in with the dancers, singing along to concerts and letting the songs take them back to past memories.

Last year when the state of Victoria was in the midst of a state directed lockdown, Aged Care homes were unable to have visiting entertainers in the home. Luckily our homes have brilliant lifestyle teams ready to think outside the box to keep the tunes going. Our Lifestyle Team at The Ashley (Reservoir, Victoria) came up with the great idea of starting a fundraiser to help purchase their own Jukebox for the home.
After two months of residents and staff making and selling lotions, jars of jam, relish & lemon curd, and selling cookie dough by the kilo, they quickly achieved their goal and the Jukebox arrived a few weeks later. Since then, residents have been able to enjoy a selection of music with the press of a button. John (pictured left) especially loves being able to choose his favourite songs at any time.

This isn’t the first time the team at The Ashley have banded together to achieve their goals. Back in 2018 after 9 months of hard work, they were able to raise enough money to buy a pizza oven for residents to enjoy freshly made pizzas, scones and more!

Jo, lifestyle Coordinator says “where there’s a need, we have a way! I guess after 40 something years in the industry, I like to make it happen whenever possible, for our beautiful people.”

We can’t wait to see what Jo comes up with next for The Ashley.