Mary-Ann McKenzie


Widely recognised for her expertise and industry knowledge, Mary-Ann brings 27 years of experience working as a Director and Licensed Real Estate Agent of Paul Anthony & Co Ltd.

Before taking a role within the McKenzie family real estate business in 1985, Mary-Ann spent the previous 12 years in hospitality, sales and sales management within the directory sales and air freight industries.

Mary-Ann is directly involved with a large number of current and prospective clients in purchasing existing nursing homes, hostels or private hospitals to run, or upgrade to current standards and trends.

Apart from Mary-Ann’s contributions at Board level, where she leverages her knowledge of the industry and its financial, property and management issues, she continues her role as a business broker.

Mary-Ann is active in the planning and design phase of new developments, as well as the commissioning stages of new facilities. In 2009, Mary-Ann became part of the sales team as she slowly scales back the brokerage business. She uses her extensive sales and marketing skills to contribute to marketing (demand generation) and sales (customer acquisition).

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