Newmans on the Park: A Story of "Paying it Forward"


“Paying it forward” is the belief that if something good happens to you, you should do a good deed for someone else. At Newmans on the Park, we have seen this in action with the many clocks, wood boxes, games, and lifestyle equipment that have been kindly donated over the past few months through the generosity of one of our supporters, Max Douthat.

Max started making wood items after the loss of his wife, Lynne. He spent the last 20 years looking after her and assisting her with her daily needs while she lived with early onset dementia. After her passing, Max had to find a new purpose in life. That’s when he decided to “pay it forward.” He found it incredibly rewarding to provide small handmade wood items to the residents in the aged care facility where his wife had been. He could see how much it brightened their day.

Through his network of friends, he found several local businesses that were more than willing to donate off-cuts of wood. So far, Max has donated to 12 aged care facilities across the country, several community house projects, and women’s shelters, offering children toys. Newmans on the Park is lucky to have Max’s daughter, Tara, working in our Lifestyle Department. Our residents are enjoying his contributions to their lifestyle programs, including Bingo prizes, Christmas presents, handmade memory support games, and handmade clocks given out for outstanding achievement awards.

As a beautiful tribute to his wife, Max stamps her name on every piece.

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