Eric ‘Bluey’ Scott – The Comeback Man


SandBrook resident, Eric ‘Bluey’ Scott lived a life full of adventure, travelling all over, chasing his dreams and inspiring others.

Eric was born in Auburn, NSW in 1929. His nickname came from the Australian tradition of calling people with red hair ‘Bluey’.

Bluey is one of the many unsung heroes of the Speedway World. He was a champion of a different kind. He won the hearts of fans all over the world. Perhaps Bluey was too nice to be a speedway rider; non-aggressive, his unassuming manner and his ever-present smile gave the impression that he was always ‘off guard’.


Bluey’s speedway racing career began on 7th January, 1949. At 20 years old, he had secured his first programmed ride – it was event three in the solo at Kilburn Track in Adelaide. He finished third. He continued to race there until it closed in 1950.

He moved to England in 1951 to continue his speedway career and entered the Motherwell team in the reserve spot. This was the beginning of his life long association with Scotland, which would see him race for four seasons with the Eagles, then returning again to Glasgow for two seasons in 1965. This is where he met and married Ann; a Lanarkshire lass.

Bluey returned to Australia and after a seven year absence from the local scene, started riding at the Sydney Showground in 1967. Several accidents throughout his career gave Bluey cause to reflect and change his career path around this time.

In retirement, Bluey moved to the Gold Coast and enjoyed golf and walking.

Some of Bluey’s fans have written:

Now Bluey lad you’re doing swell

Your riding round the track real well

And now Joe has got to rest

We are glad to see you do your best

I’m glad the glue did bring you luck

Now to your bike you are always stuck

And soon I hope, a champion you’ll be

So keep it up lad just for me.


Every night I dream and dream

Of every rider in the team

There is one I dream of a lot

You can guess it is Bluey Scott


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