Keith’s amazing wood crafting collection


Keith, a very talented resident at Raffles in NSW, discovered his talent for woodworking when he was about 15 years old when a couple of friends taught him the craft.

Keith developed a passion for woodworking and in 1996 he was part of a group called Limpinwood Woodcrafters. The group would meet at Keith and his wife Shirley’s property, where they turned one of their large sheds into a woodworking shop. With chisels and sandpaper at the ready, these enthusiasts would come together once a week and socialise over their shared interest in their love for crafting wood. They published a book with photos of all the members with their partners, showcasing all their amazing creations.

Keith and Shirley used to sell Keith’s woodwork at the Chillingham markets for many years, creating unique pieces from local timber. Keith also likes to give them out to family and friends.

Keith proudly displays his favourite pieces in his room, and likes to show staff and residents. His favourite piece is the soccer ball because he put so much time and effort into creating it – and it is quite an astonishing piece.

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