Our McKenzie People: Chrissy, Volunteer


Chrissy has been a much loved volunteer at our Deception Bay home, Seabrook for many years. She shares with us why she became a volunteer and what she enjoys most.

I first started coming to Seabrook in 2011 when my mum was here. At first, I only came a few days per week and helped with cleaning up dishes and laying tables in the Jade community. However, when I moved to Deception Bay in 2015, I started to come in every day to help with bingo, concerts, special theme days, and general duties in the Lifestyle department.

In 2017, when my mother passed away, I became an official volunteer, and since then, I’ve been coming in five days per week. Unfortunately, during the first COVID-19 lockdown, I couldn’t come in for 16 weeks.

I volunteer because it gives me a sense of purpose. I love helping people, and I will do anything to make our residents happy. In fact, I enjoy volunteering so much that sometimes I’m mistaken for a resident. One gentleman even asked if it was okay for staff to let me out!

Residents have such wonderful stories to tell, and we often start many conversations with “once upon a time.” I’m grateful to the management for allowing me to come in, and I’m also grateful to the lovely staff who are a pleasure to know. As long as I’m able, I’ll be happy to volunteer here.

From the Seabrook team

Facility Manager, Tara McKelligott shares “Chrissy is really like an extra staff member to us! Everyone knows who Chrissy is and she really is a special human being. Seabrook would be lost without our Chrissy.”

The Lifestyle team agrees “Chrissy our volunteer is a wonderful member of our team. Nothing is ever too much trouble for her. Chrissy radiates joy and kindness and is truly inspiring. Her attention to detail and boundless energy can’t be denied. Chrissy has such a bond with residents and staff and it’s an honor to work with her.”

Pictured: (Image one) Chrissy with residents, Brenda and Elaine. (Image two) Chrissy with resident, Esma. (Image three) Chrissy dancing with resident, Bill.

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