Additional services

It's your choice!

Choice and control

Our new and unique Choice+ Additional Services offering gives the resident and their families the choice and control over the little extras in life.

We understand how important it is for you to continue to live life on your terms. Retaining the ability to make your own decisions and choices contributes to better health and wellbeing, mentally and physically.

No obligation

The new McKenzie Choice+ Additional Services menu places you in control of the things in your day that makes you feel happy, healthy and empowered.

Residents at all McKenzie facilities can purchase any number of Additional Services from a selection of itemised offerings. The Choice+ Additional Services menu is entirely optional…It is your choice!

No obligation. No packages. No hassles!

Many other aged care providers enforce mandatory additional service packages with a room booking, but at McKenzie, the choice is with the resident…you only pay for what you want.  By not being forced to pay for a bundle of items you don’t need, McKenzie Additional Services also means you save money!


Whatever you need, we’re here to help.