Residential Aged Care

When living at home becomes a challenge

As we age, the daily tasks of living can become more difficult.

Residential Aged Care at McKenzie provides accommodation, care and support for people who can no longer live at home.

Our fully-accredited aged care residences in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria are friendly, welcoming places where each resident receives the personalised care they need, in a comfortable and sociable environment.

Excellent, individualised care

All of our aged care residences offer a range of affordable care options including Commonwealth funding.

We go beyond the regulated industry standards with our own stringent codes of conduct. We only employ the most highly-qualified medical and care staff, and we have leading professionals on hand 24 hours a day.

Working with you and your family, we will develop an individual care plan to match your specific requirements. And because we offer a wide range of aged care services, it’s nice to know that if your needs should change in the future, you can continue receiving excellent, specialist care in comfortable and familiar surroundings.

A welcoming, caring community

We work hard to ensure that our residents feel part of a welcoming and nurturing community.

This means allowing you to live in a way that is meaningful to you, where you feel secure and respected, where you can have private, relaxing moments as well as opportunities to be as active as you choose, socialise and build connections with other residents.

Friends and family are always welcome, and all of our residences have private living and dining spaces for intimate gatherings.

McKenzie aged care

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